Building and Property Preservation Scotland

The cost of rectifying damp and rot related defects in older buildings can quickly escalate if not fully quantified in advance. This is particularly important when considering the purchase of an older building, or if planning a major refurbishment project. Here at Eradakil we can provide you with expert analysis on anything from a written opinion of a Category 2 or 3 Repair contained within a Home Report, to full intrusive surveys of public buildings such as schools, art galleries, town halls etc. We can provide a detailed written report, marked up drawings, and billed items for costing.

It is sometimes desirable to monitor a building post-refurbishment, or during a lengthy drying out period, especially if down takings have been minimised for conservation purposes. We can install and monitor dry rot and/ or damp sensors, and provide you with the data and information required in order to ensure that work executed has been 100% successful in achieving its objectives.

We work regularly with Conservation Architects, Consulting Engineers, and Building Surveyors, and will be pleased to provide you with up-to-date references if required. We shall be pleased to discuss the scope and nature of your project, and furnish you with a proposal and quotation tailored to your requirements.

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