Rot Eradication and Timber Treatment Scotland

Timber is organic and decays naturally. It is an important material that is used extensively for a variety of reasons in the construction of buildings including strength, flexibility and for aesthetics. Once timber is converted and installed it can be protected from decay indefinitely by preventing contact with dampness. In modern buildings this is done primarily by incorporating damp proof courses and membranes at critical interfaces. Older and historic buildings do not always have these protections, and are therefore more susceptible to problems caused by timber decay and wood-rotting fungus.

All timber that has been subjected to dampness through flooding, leaks, or moisture transference will decay, even where pre-treated. Wood rotting fungus such as dry rot may germinate on such damp timber, causing serious damage to both organic and inorganic fabric within the building.

When assessing timber decay or dry rot activity in buildings it important to ascertain the scope of the problem, particularly the cause, and to address the full extent of any infestation or damage caused. Failure to do this properly will result in further expensive repairs becoming necessary.

We are experts in modern rot eradication techniques, structural repairs, including timber resin repairs, and comprehensive fabric reinstatement, particularly in Listed Buildings and important historic buildings. Our work is always undertaken in compliance of current industry standards of good practice. We have a proven track record of success in eradicating wood rotting fungus and timber decay from buildings. All of our work is fully Guaranteed. Eradakil Limited are members of GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance) and CGS (Construction Guarantee Services) who administer and issue Independent Insurance Policies to cover rot eradication works.

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