Woodworm Treatment In Glasgow, Scotland

Wood boring insects cause structural damage to timber in buildings during the larvae stage of their life cycle. The larvae hatch from an egg laid in the crevice (on the under-side) and commence burrowing into the timber, where they spend anything up to three or more years before pupating, and emerging through a flight hole, which is the visible evidence that you have a problem! In most cases an in-situ spray treatment using a modern COSHH compliant insecticide will deal with the problem. In some instances, where the infestation is either intense or historic, structural repair work will be required.

We can assess the degree of damage caused and give you the best option for treatment or repair. Eradakil Limited are members of GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance) and CGS (Construction Guarantee Services) who administer and issue Independent Insurance Policies to cover woodworm treatments or repairs.

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